The Port of Skamania is seeking qualification statements from professional engineering firms experienced in providing design, engineering, administration and project management services involving federal highway and other restrictive funding sources.

The Port of Skamania County is restoring portions of the Columbia River shoreline and enhancing portions of their waterfront property in Stevenson, WA.  Grants obtained from Washington State Recreational and Conservation Office (RCO) and Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council (RTC) will be used to construct a multi-use pathway along the waterfront.  The project includes a 10-foot wide concrete pathway (~550 feet long) and scenic overlook area.  The project could also include other items associated with waterfront trail and parks such as lighting, landscaping, seating, and other amenities.

The selected consulting agency could expect to be involved in all aspects of the project including (but not limited to) everything from planning, administration, project management, design, compliance monitoring, engineering, preconstruction, and construction activities. 

RFQ requirements:

  • Listed on Port of Skamania County’s Consultant Roster – managed by MRSC Rosters (https://mrscrosters.org/ )
  • Make sure a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) has been uploaded to MRSC Rosters
  • Notify Port staff of interest through email at port@portofskamania.org no later than 4 p.m. on 10/15/18 with the following:
    • Cover letter
    • Organizational chart with proposed team and a short resume of all key people on the chart
    • Detailed and realistic schedule and availability to perform work within the next year
    • References with relevant experience


The Port of Skamania will evaluate and select the consultant based on Statement of Qualifications, availability, references, and demonstrated ability to perform high quality work while controlling costs.  The Port reserves the right to utilize any additional evaluation criteria it so chooses to make a final decision on the selection of the consultant.   The Port may conduct interviews of the top-ranking firms to make their final decision.


Questions regarding this Request for Qualifications should be directed to Pat Albaugh, Port Director at 509-427-5484 or pat@portofskamania.org