AGENDA1.22.2022 Agenda

Port of Skamania County, Board of Commissioners

January 18, 2022
Regular Meeting

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus and in compliance with the Washington State Governor’s Office Stay-At-Home Order and Proclamation 20-28, this meeting will be held online via Zoom.

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Meeting ID: 865 3228 8201
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Call to Order

Public Comment – Any written comments received before the meeting. 

Recognize – Ray Broughton’s Oath Re-elected Commissioner  6 year term 

Election of Officers  (Presently:   Kingston as Chair, Broughton as Vice Chair, Taylor as Secretary )
            –MOTION – to nominate ________________________as President,  
             __________________as  Vice-President and
            __________________ as Secretary.

Commissioners Appointed to Local Boards
            Skamania County EDC (Presently:  Broughton)                               
            WPPA Board of Trustees (Presently: Taylor)     

–MOTION – for the following commissioners to serve as Port of Skamania representative on the community committees as:
Commissioner ____________________to serve on the Skamania County EDC Board and
Commissioner ____________________to serve on the WPPA Board of Trustees.                       

Consent Agenda

Items will be considered and approved on a single motion. Any Commissioner may, by request, remove an item from the agenda prior to approval. 

1.      Approval of the Minutes

·         November 22, 2021 Minutes  

·        December 14, 2021  Minutes  

2.      Approval of   PreIssued General Fund Vouchers   $34,322.73   (12/20/2021)

·         21113-21120 New Account (Checking)    

·          Four (4)  Electronic Fund (EFT)

3.       Approval of  PreIssued General Fund Vouchers   $9,257.24   (12/30/2021)

·         21121-21127 New Account (Checking)    

4.       Approval of General Fund Vouchers    $161,501.99 (1/20/2022)

·         21132-21159 New Account (Checking) 
           Nine (9) Electronic Fund (EFT)    

 5.      Beacon Rock Golf Course –  Rates & Fee Changes

 6.      Surplus Port Asset – Case 580 Super L  Loader -Backhoe S/N JJG0195393

  7.      2022  Arrowhead Accounting Contract for Auditing Services                 

–MOTION—to approve the consent agenda items 1 through 7 as presented.

Redistricting Hearing 5:05 pm             Final Map Packetv2 (1)       Redistricting Summary Statistics – Final Map

·         Hearing Called to Order

·         Public Comment

·         Hearing Closed

Commissioner & Staff Reports

·         Commission Update

·         Manager’s Report –   BRGC- Bid-1-17-22

·         Facilities Update

·         Finance Manager’s Report— December Financials

·         Attorney’s Report

New Business & Administrative Approvals

 ·        Discussion – Green Asset Lease

          Discussion /Action – Resolution 1-2022 Authority to Sign Warrants  

         –MOTION– to approve Resolution 1-2022 to authorize Pat Albaugh and  Commissioner ________________to sign warrants.

·         Discussion /Action – Resolution 2-2022 Authorization Pre-Issued Vouchers

        — MOTION — to approve Resolution 2-2022 providing for the Issuance of Warrants not to exceed $750,000

 ·         Discussion /Action – Resolution 3-2022 Authorize Investment of funds 

         –MOTION– to approve Resolution 3-2022 to authorize Pat Albaugh, Monica Masco, Cindy Bradley, and Commissioner Vice-President
         _________________to order Investment of Funds.

·         Discussion /Action – Resolution 4-2022 Appointment of Agent to Receive Claims for Damages  per RCW 4.96.020

         –MOTION– to approve Resolution 4-2022 to appoint Director Pat Albaugh as the agent to receive claims for damages.

·         Discussion / Action- Resolution 5-2022 Port Commissioner Compensation  

                     –MOTION– to approve Resolutions 5 – 2022 acknowledging the Port Commissioner Compensation rate for $285  Per Diem.

·         Discussion /Action – Resolution  6-2022 Selling Surplus Property  less than $10,000

         –MOTION– to approve Resolution 6-2022 authorizing Port Executive Director Pat Albaugh to Sell and Convey Surplus Property with less than $10,000 value.

·         Discussion / Action  –  Resolution 7-2022 Port Commissioner Re-Districting Boundaries       Exhibit A Resolution 7-2022

         –MOTION– to adopt Resolution 7-2022 accepting the Redistricting Boundaries as designated.

·         Discussion / Action –   Skamania Economic Development Council Shared Services 2021 Contract Review

           –MOTION—to approve the performance of the Skamania Economic Development  Council Shared Services Contract for 2021.  

·         Discussion / Action-   Lease AMENDMENT 4  Total Shield Inc  Name Change to Cochinito Inc 

         –MOTION to approve Amendment 4 recognizing the name change for TotalShield Inc to Cochinito Inc as presented. 

·         Discussion / Action –  Teitzel Lease  Suite C2 & C3  Correna Smith 1-1-2022   

         –MOTION to ratify a month-to-month lease between the Port of Skamania County and Correna Smith in the Teitzel Building for Suite C-2 & C3 at a monthly lease rate
         of $317.10 per month plus Washington State Leasehold Excise tax.   The board acknowledges that the $634.20 security deposit is less than the 1 – year statutory

Old  Business & Administrative Approvals

Executive Session Per RCW 42.30.110  


Next Meeting: February 15, 2022 Regular Meeting 5:00 pm