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The City of Stevenson, the Stevenson Business Association (SBA), and the Port of Skamania County partnered in late 2011 to bring the first Level II Electric Vehicle Charging Station to Washington’s side of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

The station is located at Teo Park along the Columbia River Waterfront in the City of Stevenson, adjacent to shops, restaurants, spas, and art galleries. This station is the result of cooperation among local business leaders and local government. SBA President Scott Anderson stated that “As a small town, Stevenson has been forward thinking and on the cutting edge, such as being one of the first cities to offer city-wide free WiFi access, and now the EV Charging Station.”  This station is especially important because it will allow people to reach the area from the I-5 corridor (50 miles west) and recharge for their return trip.

The station accepts a ChargePass RFID-based Smart Card, a contactless credit card or by calling the toll free number printed on the front of the charging station. It is a Level 2/Level 1 charger. There is a $1.00 access fee; electric charge is free otherwise. This is a Coulomb station, which is part of the ChargePoint Network.

There are restaurants, hotels, and shopping within walking distance. It is on the scenic Columbia River waterfront in Stevenson.

We are only 43 miles from the Portland, Oregon Convention Center—off I-84 going east, cross the river at Cascade Locks (Bridge of the Gods–Exit 44) and go 3 miles upstream (east) to Stevenson–take right on Russell Street to the Waterfront and Cascade Avenue.