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Port Board of Commissioners

Since its formation in 1964, the Port of Skamania County has served as an economic catalyst for community development that enhances the livability of the area.

The Port is governed by a three-member Board of Commissioners, elected by the citizens in their districts, to serve a six-year term. These three elected officials are responsible for: representing public interests, setting Port policy, determining program direction, setting long and short range goals, approving the annual budget, and evaluating and guiding the Port activities. This planning and oversight process involves the Port Commission, the Port Executive Director, staff, and citizens. Port districts are municipal corporations; however, unlike cities and counties, ports are ‚Äúspecial purpose districts.” Public ports have expanded roles in how they conduct business, allowing them to act quickly to opportunities that foster economic growth. A Skamania County map showing the location of the three Commissioner’s Districts is found here.

The Board of Commissioners meets once a month, on the third Tuesday at 6:00pm at the Port office on Cascade Avenue. Regular meetings are open to the general public. 

Commissioner Kevin Waters, District 1: Kevin was appointed in October 2016 to serve the remaining 15 months of District 1’s term. Kevin is one of the co-founders of Backwoods Brewing Company and formerly served as a Port Commissioner from January 2011-December 2015.  Kevin can be reached at kevin@portofskamania.org
  Commissioner Gail Collins, District 2: Gail has served as a Commissioner since January of 2014 and is the Port Commission’s designated Chairperson. District 2 is the central portion of the Port District. Gail can be contacted at gail@portofskamania.org.
  Commissioner Todd Kingston, District 3: Todd was appointed on April 28, 2015 and elected in November 2015 to serve the remaining two years of District 3’s term. Todd is a Sales Manager and Event Coordinator for Garnier Vineyards and has over 20 years of experience in the wine distribution industry. Todd can be reached at todd@portofskamania.org.