Agricultural Assessment Summary

The Wind River Business Park has excellent agricultural production potential. The climate, soils, topography and buildings offer many advantages to agricultural operators to locate at the site. The site lies within the Western Washington climactic zone which experiences winter rain and a contrasting summer drought. Although the area receives about 100 inches of rainfall annually, one major limitation is irrigation water required in the summer months. This limitation can be addressed through the use of water-saving irrigation technology (such as drip irrigation) or selection of crops that require little or no summer irrigation.

There are many different agricultural and forest-related crops that can be produced at the site, which have strong market demand. They include:

  • Botanical plants
  • Business Park and native plants
  • Christmas trees and Christmas tree seedlings
  • Wetland plants
  • Mushrooms
  • Floral greenery
  • Bough orchards
  • Native Berries
  • Production or germplasm research for any of the above crops

Irrigation System
The present irrigation system includes a distribution system. The location of the water supply for the irrigation system is groundwater.

Roadway System
The main roads, parking lots, and access drives throughout the site are in fair condition.