Redevelopment Plan—Putting the Site Back to Work

The plan proposes three primary “zones” across the site corresponding to a range of development levels. These geographical areas address Skamania County’s multi-faceted mission statement for the Wind River Business Park, and are described as follows:

  • Village at Martha Creek – As the redevelopment plan is implemented, Martha Creek Field will become the area of the highest development and activity. The uses proposed provide a mix of open space, re-use of existing buildings, and new construction. Program elements include the Wind River Institute, Martha Creek Camp, Cascadia Learning Center, the Inn at Wind River, and the Cascade Event Grounds.
  • Hemlock Business Campus – This zone, located in the eastern portion of Trout Creek Field and at the existing Processing Center, will incorporate agricultural processing, office space, new business space, and public services in new and existing buildings.
  • Wind River Fields – Skamania Farms, an Equestrian Center, the research outpost for the Wind River Institute, and the Forest Reserve buffer will all come together to make the fields of this site productive, usable, and valuable to the residents of the county.

Economic Implications

The Redevelopment Plan provides an opportunity for Skamania County to combine business, agriculture, research, education, and recreation activities. In the final phase, businesses and organizations will support over 250 full-time and seasonal jobs at the site. In addition, the Plan provides viable options to re-use many of the existing buildings and preserves the site’s character for future generations.

A major component of the Redevelopment Plan is agricultural use of the fields. Because uses proposed to surround Martha Creek Field will attract people for educational pursuits, overnight stays, and public gatherings, the Plan recognizes that any agricultural use of this field will feature low-intensity crop production (minimal spraying and few requirements for disc, plow, or harvest operations by tractor or truck). Selected types of research can be conducted at Martha Creek Field along with production of Business Park plants, grass/pasture, and trees. Each of the other three fields is primarily devoted to the production of agricultural crops. Irrigation water will be needed for certain crops especially in the first and second years of establishment. It is likely that out of 200 acres, 25-50 acres will require irrigation.

Through the Redevelopment Plan, Skamania County will become a unique model for other Northwest communities that seek sustainable ventures and opportunities to combine viable business, agriculture, and natural resource uses with visitor, education, and research activities.