In Stevenson

  Tenant Physical Address/Suite Number Building/Property  
  Skamania Acupuncture Clinic & Yoga Studio 40 SW Cascade Ave
Suite 40
  WAVE 40 SW Cascade Ave
Suite 50
  People For People & WorkSource 40 SW Cascade Ave
Suite 60
  LDB Beverages 30 SW Cascade Ave River Point Bldg.  
  Clark & Lewie’s 130 SW Cascade Ave Old Saloon Building  
  American Cruise Lines (The Pride & Queen of the West)  Tour Boat Stevenson Landing  
  American Queen Steamboat Company (The Empress)  Tour Boat Stevenson Landing  
  Skunk Brothers Spirits  40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 45 Tichenor  
  Backwoods Brewing  40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 120 Tichenor  
  Phloem Studio  40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 65 Tichenor  
  Vigilize Relaxing – Sandy Vigil  40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70E Tichenor  
  Ed Feeley Fine Art  40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70I Tichenor  
  CRG Ventures  40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70F Tichenor  
  Portside Chiropractic 40 SW Cascade Ave, Suite 70G Tichenor  
  Eli Lewis  40 SW Cascade Ave. Suite 90A Tichenor  
  Corrina Smith 40 SW Cascade Ave. Suite 90B Tichenor  
  Laura Buchan, LLC 40 SW Cascade Ave. Suite  90C Tichenor  
   Waterfront Commercial Property  2-10 Acres Stevenson Waterfront Available For Lease  

In North Bonneville

  Tenant Physical Address   Building/Property
  CCPO LLC 396 Evergreen Drive
North Bonneville
   Discovery Building
  Silver Star Industries 505 Evergreen Drive
North Bonneville
  Evergreen Building
  TotalShield, Inc.  380 Evergreen Drive
North Bonneville
  Skye Building
  AMC Venture 102 Grenia Road
North Bonneville
  Beacon Rock Golf Course
  Slingshot Sports 390 Evergreen Drive
 North Bonneville
  Teitzel Building
  VACANT for office/medical spaces 390 Evergreen Drive
 North Bonneville
  Teitzel Building
  Undeveloped land FOR LEASE North Bonneville, 42 acres   Cascades Business Park 

In Stabler/Carson

  Tenant Physical Address   Building/Property
  Wind River Biomass Utility, LLC Trout Creek Field    Wind River Business Park
  Play Frontier Processing Center    Wind River Business Park