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Stevenson Shoreline Restoration and Recreation Enhancement Project






This project, 10 years in the making, is close to coming to fruition! There are many goals that this restoration and enhancement will accomplish, to include:

  • Stopping the erosion and creating stability of the river bank
  • Restoring 600 feet of aquatic habitat
  • Recreating the footprint of the historic river bank
  • Creating accessible viewing areas of the Columbia River Gorge
  • Providing public access to the river
  • Connecting existing trails to make the river bank and the city more accessible to pedestrians
  • Maximizing the connection between tourism at the river front and Stevenson downtown businesses

Stevenson, 1905

Along with restoration of the shoreline, once this project is complete the city of Stevenson will have a new public beach, lighted walking paths with scenic vistas, and the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail and the National Park Service Ice Age Floods National Geological Trail will be connected and complete with signage, information kiosks, public parking, public restrooms, and public art installations.

It is the goal of the Port to begin accepting bids as early as Spring 2017 with the construction work to begin in the late Fall of 2017.


BEFORE:                                                                 AFTER: