Current Products

Firewood Flyer (PDF)

Future Products

We will purchase waste wood from forest management operations. We will obtain sawmill and plywood production residuals like the sawmill and plywood trimmings as well as whole-log chipping operations. 36,600 dry tons are produced annually from local sawmill operations! With 12,000 dry tons of Waste Wood purchased annually, we aim to create:


With our ORC generator, we will produce 3,720,000kW per year for agricultural, industrial, commercial, and  residential structures located at the Wind River Business Park where our facility is located. We also anticipate creating enough base power to sell to the local Power Authority. Base power created via renewable energy is high in demand in both Oregon and Washington state.


With our gasifier-burner system, we will also be able to produce 40,000 Million BTU per year of thermal power to help keep those same customers warm through out the winter months. In the summer, the excess thermal power can be used to produce kiln-dried firewood and keep high-demand heat customers like distilleries & greenhouses running at lower costs.

An additional benefit of using our gasifier-burner system is the production of biochar. Biochar is most often used as an additive to soil and to charcoal filters. Our system will produce 1,200 tons of biochar each year. The proximity of our location to major metropolitan markets like Portland, Oregon guarantees that we will be able to meet the need for this popular product.

Our facility is already producing bundled firewood for local campgrounds and cords of firewood for residential customers. We anticipate providing 250 cords per year for residential heating and 128,000 campfire bundles. Once our CHP is up and running, we will have the additional heat needed to produce kiln-dried firewood, which eliminates pests and ensures a cleaner burn.

If you are interested in buying firewood, please call us at (509)427-5155.


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