Our Story

In 2012, the U.S. Forest Service reported to the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative Group that the Gifford Pinchot National Forest was full of biomass that was regularly being piled and burned rather than put to use as a source of renewable energy and jobs. The idea for Wind River Biomass Utility was born from that meeting as the four Charter Members decided to incorporate the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) concept to maximize the use of this forest waste.

We have 3 objectives:

  1. Utilize forest waste-woodthat is generally considered to be in excess according to the basic requirements of forest ecology.
  2. Generate thermal and electrical energy by controlled combustion of woody biomass.
  3. Efficiently process this biomass, thereby utilizing sustainable resources, to achieve a moderate return on investment that will ensure both the financial stability and survivability of the business as well as maximize the number of jobs and businesses that support a median level of income per Washington State standards for the south-central Skamania County area.

To meet these objectives, we are currently seeking investors to help us get our CHP facility up and running. This type of project requires an enormous amount of capital, and while we have already secured several grants, feasibility and engineering studies, vital equipment, and waste wood, we need to raise additional funds to become fully operational.

The founding members:

Paul Spencer, Bob Sourek, Tom Linde, & Norm Ward

We bring experience in forestry, engineering, renewable energy, community development, and the forest products industry to this endeavor. We’re here to answer your questions!

Email us at wrbullc@gmail.com


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